Holiday Wish List with Qixels

Holiday Wish List

Who is ready for Christmas?  I most certainly am. I do struggle with what to get my boys sometimes. I want them to have fun toys, but I also want them to use their imagination and their hands and just not sit there! In comes Qixels. Have you played with them? I have to say they are definitely an awesome toy, my boys just enjoyed playing with them and I enjoyed the fact that they were creating things!

It’s not a joke, it’s not acting my 7 year old was THAT EXCITED about playing with Qixels.

Qixels 1

I have added Qixel packs to their Holiday Wish List for sure. The 7 year old made about 5 things so far and is begging me for more! I love it. He’s not just sitting there doing nothing, he has to use his creativity to play with Qixels. It’s an awesome gift all the way around. SHHHH don’t tell anyone (it’s a Present) but I bought more at Target in their toy aisle. My Christmas morning is going to be full of happy boys! (pssst Another hint! Qixels range in price from $9.99-19.99 so you’re not breaking the bank on this gift either!).

Qixels 2

Are you shopping for any little boys this holiday season? I really recommend Qixels because they are good for hours of play and then they have their finished product to play with! It’s a gift that leads to HOURS AND HOURS of entertainment. A heads up – the Turbo Dryer? It’s kind of a must. It dried the Qixel fun that my boys made in 20 minutes instead of overnight. So be sure to add that to the list of must buys! (plus it’s a good time to make the dryer spin – half of the fun as well as spraying the Qixels with a gun!).

Qixels are FUN

Make sure to add the fun of Qixels to your boys Holiday Wish List – I know there are a lot more on my boys lists!

Holiday Wish List with Qixels

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