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Going on a Road Trip this summer?  Hitting the highway with the family?  Are you dreading the long ride with your kids bouncing around in the back asking the absolute dreaded “Are we there yet?”  Well, our family takes road trips several times a year (usually 750 miles or more).  I hate to be all “I’m a professional” but you know what?  I’m mildly a professional.  Between my professionalism 🙂 and Walmart Best Plans (more on that below)?  You’ve come to the right post for a Road Trip!

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Alrighty, first things first.  Going on a vacation – I needed a phone that I could use Data on.  And unlimited texting so I could text all of my great pictures that we are taking!  So, as per my usual when I am needing to do a bunch of shopping in one trip – I went to Walmart to see what I could do about a new phone (and like I said I had to get other trip things as well – so perfect!).  What I found?  Was Walmart Family Mobile.  It’s perfect it’s Walmart Best Plans.  It’s non-contract, but also it’s per month so I didn’t have to worry about running out of “minutes” on a card or anything.  I like it.  Looking at the Walmart Family Mobile 4G areas?  It covers most places.  And it covered what I needed it to so I was sold.  Easy easy easy (which if you haven’t noticed is how I like things!). I mean Walmart Family Mobile service is $29.88/month (for the first line) Unlimited Talk, Text & Data service plan which includes up to 1G of 4G LTE data.  It doesn’t get ANY cheaper than that (and I love not having a huge long committment to a plan.  LOVE all of it.

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Ok so I got my new phone the ZTE ZMAX for $179 (can you believe that price?) – ps it’s a great size – no small screen there – happy happy happy.  I did some shopping for our snacks and for our fun bags and I was ready to leave Walmart and go home and get packing.

So like I said above – I’m not unfamiliar with packing for a road trip with my kiddos.  One of the things that my kids love about a road trip is their fun bag.  It has snacks.  It has fun things to do.  It is sometimes things that they don’t always get so I keep it exciting that way!

This will sound SUPER simple, but step 1?

  1. Ask your kids what they want to bring.  So many times we just get all of these ideas in our heads about what they will want to do.  I know I’ve done this before and my kids were like um mom did you bring (fill in the blank).  No no I didn’t – all because I forgot to simply ask them what they wanted!  I had my 2 oldest write their lists – my youngest doesn’t write yet 🙂 Tips4Trips 4
  2. Ok so now you know what they want.  Busy?  Have them help you.  Want things to be a surprise?  (which is what I like to do a lot because it adds to the excitement) do it after they are in bed.  tips 4 trips 5
  3. I always use a fun bag.  Your kid in love with a character?  Buy a cheap cute bag that is that character.  Hey we’re buckling them in for 12 hours – they deserve a treat!
  4. Put a surprise not on their list in the bag.  I try to make this in the form of a new book for my oldest – he’s an AVID reader.  My middle likes to look at books but he’d rather draw – so he’ll get a new book to draw in or new crayons – something to be creative.  My baby?  He’s so funny.  He loves a book too.  If I get him a new book with his current favorite character?  He’ll read it 20 times with no complaints.
    1. This surprise doesn’t have to cost a fortune just something small that they will be happy with – silly putty is a fun one! (yes even in the car)
    2. If you have toddlers you could wrap everything in their fun bag.  Give them one gift at a time and let them unwrap it.  Give them a “gift” when they begin to get antsy! Spend $5-10 on a few small items and you’ll have a happy kid!Tips 4 Trips 6
  5. Get the snacks out.
    1. You do not have to pack ONLY junk food.  I always include packable fruits for my kids.
    2. You probably DO want to include SOME treats.  A lollipop goes a LONG way in the car with some kids (our family joke is that we only need 5 lollipops for our youngest to ride happily ALL DAY).
    3. The same with the fun things to do – give your kids something that they don’t normally have.  I made a Kiddie Trail Mix (recipe below).  It has some very familiar items so my picky pants kiddos will eat it – but it’s a combo that they haven’t had before.  I try to change them up for every trip (in the fall I include candy corn, in the spring we’d have jelly beans in there – point it mixes are tons of fun and mix it up).  ALSO, I try to include a good mix of this is decent food and this is a treat food.  That way they aren’t diving into big bags of just plain junk, but looking at me like I’m crazy when I give them nothing but healthy foods 🙂
  6. Pack these next to your kids or where you can reach them to hand to the kids.  Depends on how old your kids are. Tips 4 trips 6
  7. ENJOY YOUR TRIP – this is supposed to be family fun – not a death march.  Yes, they will ask “Are we there yet”.  My response is always something like Yup we’re sitting in grandma’s house right now.  Giving them a silly answer will stop the whining in my car and change it to smiles and giggles!

Onto the Kiddie Trail Mix – as I said above – you can change this up to meet your family’s taste buds.  My family gobbled up this recipe and loved it!  It’s filling (my kids don’t really do nuts which is the only thing I thought it was missing – some protein), but it’s fun and yummy too.  Eat it on your next trip!  And tell me in the comments below where you are going!

Kiddie Trail Mix

Kiddie Trail Mix


  • Mini Vanilla Wafers
  • Craisins
  • Chocolate Covered Raisins
  • White Chocolate Chips
  • Cheerios
  • Nuts for protein (optional)


  1. Mix together in proportions that your kids will eat
  2. Store in zip lock bags separated into snack size portions
  3. Take with you on ANY trip

Kiddie Trail Mix

Slow Cooker Bloody Mary Chicken
Lemon Cherrytini


  1. Trail mix is such an easy and fun road trip snack.

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