Blogger of the Week #59

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Everyone say Hello to Ashley!  She’s awesome (I love people that DIY!)  While you are over at her blog seeing all of the beautiful things she does ~ Say “hi” from us 😉 ~ Heather


My site is Simply Designing
I started blogging about 4 years ago on a whim.  Then I had a baby, moved across the country, my husband started a brand new career.  So after life settled down, about two years later, I got serious about blogging!
Oh my goodness I don’t have one favorite thing that I have published.  But I really love these creations of mine:
I love so many creative bloggers I can’t even begin to name them all!  But if they are creative, crafty, love to DIY or make yummy (but SIMPLE) food, I most likely love their blog!
Yes, on my goodness, my biggest flop was when we decided to refinish our stairs!  We eventually got them right, but it took us a few tries.  We learned a LOT from this project though and I am glad we finally got them right!  (begin the saga here:
Vanilla Rose Petal Bath Salts vertical 
As far as biggest successes go, I find that most projects if I try hard enough, and am open to changing things as I go, I can get to turn out well and beautifully!  But it often takes a bit of elbow grease and time to do so.  One of my hands down favorite projects though is this dresser:
Thanks so much for doing this with us Ashley!  Your things are BEAUTIFUL and I HAVE to make that Rose Petal bath salt!  YUM!  ~Heather

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