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Since we focus so much on recipes here (with some crafts thrown in) I LOVE it when we get to bring you something totally different!  Say hello to Katie!  Make sure to stop over to her site and be inspired (and tell her you came from Who Needs a Cape!) ~ Heather

My website is and I began it in April 2014.
Hm I don’t think I have a favorite thing I have published.. But I do love looking back at all of the tutorials I’ve written about personalizing my husband’s and my home. It’s pretty neat to see how far it has come and I love that it is a record of our process of building our home together 🙂
photo-22-672x372 Those were some of my first few posts, so the picture quality is poorer than it is now..
Bloggers I love:
Pumps and Iron ( – I love her challenging and unique workouts. Living a healthy lifestyle is so important to me, so I dig any blog that wholeheartedly promotes that!
Krystal’s Kitsch ( – All of her delicious alcoholic drink recipes are so yummy looking! They give me ideas for when I’m in the mood for something fun!
Play Party Pin ( – Britni is my new “sister in law,” and she has been an excellent resource, and a key role in encouraging me along in my blog development. Plus I’ve found some pretty yummy recipes on her blog 🙂
Biggest flop – It has definitely been the process of designing my site. It is a source of great frustration- and whenever I try to google help for something, the answers are not in layman’s terms, therefor are not helpful to me since I still consider myself a beginner. It has taken a lot of trial and error. It’s a shot in the dark when I try to alter anything on the style.css sheets. One time recently, I wasn’t getting the answer I was looking for, so I thought would follow my own instructions while trying to personalize my site’s appearance. I ended up adding something that shouldn’t have been there, and once I refreshed the page, my entire site went completely blank. Needless to say I shed a few tears 😉 It turned out to be an easy fix, all I had to do was call my host, but it was scary!! You’ve got to keep working through the frustration, take breaks, and you’ll eventually get there!
Biggest success- Success to me is not necessarily in the number of page views or followers I earn. I like to measure success by personal shootouts. I got a shoutout from Closet Maid on twitter, they recognized me and directed their followers to my post “Bedroom Transformed into a Closet.”
I get most excited when someone reposts a photo of mine and mentions that they are recreating something that I’ve made. I love knowing that people are actually trying out the recipes/tutorials I offer; it is so rewarding.
Here is a holiday post! Today actually, I painted a stag silhouette onto a cheap clearance frame to add it to our Christmas decor.


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