Blogger of the Week #57

Happy Holidays!  Trying to get Trisha in before all the holidays are done because you’re going to love her holiday post (at the bottom – YUM!)  Thanks Trisha for doing this with us! ~ Heather


Your Website? – a lovely little blog full of sarcasm and references to all my favorite things in this world like wine, Velveeta, and of course Ryan Gosling.
When did you start blogging? September 2013, and it feels like just yesterday. I’ve definitely learned a lot and cried a lot and drank a lot and oh dear I’ve eaten a lot. Must put exercising a lot on the list… 1000x667xFireball-Whisky-White-Hot-Chocolate-1-Title.jpg.pagespeed.ic.WB8pgoA2sW
What’s your favorite thing you have published? Do I really have to pick just one? Let’s see… How about Slow Cooker Coq au Vin? It was the most tender, flavorful chicken I’ve ever had.
Bloggers you love? Without a doubt, I have huge girl crushes on Bakesinslippers, The Chef Next Door, The Cooking Jar, and Casa de la Cargill!
Biggest flop?  I once made Tri-Color Quinoa. I think like two people saw it. My friends like it ooey, gooey, cheesy, and drippy. They do not like it when I make dishes with ingredients they can’t pronounce.
Biggest success? Fireball Whisky White Hot Chocolate. Pinned over 2000 times.  It’s like, famous, and stuff.
Special holiday post Wild Blueberry and Sausage Brioche Stuffing. It’s featured in the holiday edition of The Health Journal, not to mention how ridiculously yummy it is and how it will ruin you for any boxed stuffing ever again.
See?  I told you!  She’s funny and makes amazing food!  Be sure to go over and say “hello” from Who Needs a Cape?  Trisha – thanks again we loved having you! ~ Heather

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