Blogger of the Week #53

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Help me welcome Amanda – this week’s featured Blogger!  Her website is definitely inspiring and I hope you enjoy her feature as much as I do!  Thanks Amanda for putting so much work into this – we LOVE IT! ps – don’t forget to go over and say “hello” to Amanda on her site – just remember to say you came over from Who Needs a Cape! ~ Heather

What is your Website?

Eat. Love. Inspire. That is the foundation of my Washington D.C. based blog, Buoy, in which I have the honor of partnering with my boyfriend, affectionately called “Webbie”. Buoy, the verb, is 1) to keep afloat, 2) to inspire, and 3) to cause someone to feel happy. We strive to do that through the following: Eating with original recipes, restaurant reviews and the always entertaining “Webbisodes”; Loving with our focus on efforts to end world hunger; and Inspiring through motivating quotes, and decorating/entertaining tips. Everything orbits around the power of food in our world.

“Our mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”

-Maya Angelou


When did you start blogging?

I got the food blogging bug in 2011 during my graduate year of school at Penn State in Happy Valley, PA. I started my first food blog Sole to Soul during that year on Blogger, but quickly discovered I didn’t have the resources to maintain (I shared a kitchen with 3 girls, and lived off a Raman Noodle budget). I started my second food blog, Soul to Sole, on WordPress in 2013. I rebranded and launched Buoy in 2014 and have found a passion, motivation and inspiration like never before.

What’s your favorite thing you have published?

That’s like picking a favorite outfit, almost impossible!  My favorite posts are where the delicious food, stylish photos and inspirational word stars align. One of my favorites was my Peanut Butter Banana “Elvis” Bread.



Webbie is a believer in all things sandwich related, and we did a series during National Sandwich Month where we featured a “Man’s Man” Sandwich and “Girl’s Day Out” Sandwich.

Most recently, I feel most proud of a feature on Georgetown’s Race Against Homelessness.

Bloggers you love?

I owe my passion for food blogging to other food bloggers. I could rattle off blog after blog, but I am going to include the three which I have followed the longest and check on the daily: How Sweet It Is, Cupcakes and Cashmere and Sally’s Baking Addiction. To them I say… THANK YOU

Biggest flop?  Biggest success?

Instead of my biggest flop and biggest success, I’m going to offer my biggest “wow, this is challenging” and biggest “yay, this part comes naturally”! This best can be described by my brain. As a right brain thinker, I find the technical parts of food blogging more challenging – like the site construction, recipe technicalities and photography. However, as a right brain thinker, I find that the eye for color and design, and food styling come most naturally.

Holiday Recipe?

Sweet and Spicy Holiday Pretzels!



Thanks for reading! Join me on to Eat, Love and Inspire!


  1. Great to find a new blogger with amazing recipes!! Nettie

  2. Thanks for the feature WNAC! You all INSPIRE me each and every day! 🙂


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