Blogger of the Week #49

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This week we are bringing you some design inspiration!  I LOVE Tasha’s website and you need to go over and check it out! ~ Heather

Your Website? Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body {}

When did you start blogging? I am an attorney by day, but I have always had a passion for DIY renovations and crafting. Since I also love writing AND photography, I realized that blogging would allow me to combine several of my passions. It is a fabulous creative outlet for me!

What’s your favorite thing you have published? Gosh, that’s a tough one. I think as a blogger you really love a lot of your work {and sometimes feel a little sad for a post that doesn’t do as well as you think it will}. That said, I think my favorite thing I have published is how I painted the old, ugly vinyl floors in my laundry room: It was such an inexpensive, EASY fix and I love the result. I think it has inspired lots of people to do the same thing, which makes me really happy. No one should feel like they can’t have a beautiful home unless they have a lot of money. This type of project helps convince people of that!

AWESOME! Learn how to paint vinyl floors with this full tutorial. #paintvinylfloors #paintedfloors

Bloggers you love? Another tough question! I love so many bloggers! I really love and admire Kelly at View Along the Way, Jamielyn at I Heart Naptime, Cassity at Remodelaholic and Brooke at All Things Thrifty.

Biggest flop? Biggest success? LOL! I actually haven’t written about my biggest flop, yet {though I plan to}! The short version is that after spending HOURS stenciling my kitchen floor, I put a coat of polyurethane on it, which caused it to yellow {even though the can said “non-yellowing”}. I had to repaint the whole thing and start over. I wanted to CRY. My biggest success is managing to really connect with some of my readers. Interacting with my regular readers through comments is really one of the highlights of blogging and makes me think I am doing something right 🙂 I also consider it a success that I am able to combine spending time with my twin girls and blogging–it’s very rewarding to feel like they are part of this journey with me. And speaking of my little turkeys, here’s a quick and easy Thanksgiving photo idea for your kids!

Thanksgiving collage Pinterest


Tasha – they are ADORABLE 🙂  And thanks for participating with us 😉  LOVE! ~ Heather

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