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Frostys for Families 3
There were a few reasons I wanted to join in on the Frostys for Families.  Number 1?  Frostys are AWESOME (I mean seriously – yum).  Number 2 as an adopted kid myself – I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption (  And yes there is a Number 3 I loved the idea of using the coupons for free Frostys at Wendy’s as a bonus for my kids!

So in more detail number 1 – I don’t think I need to expand on this – Frostys from Wendy’s are just delish.  Enough said.

Number 2.  Yup I am an adopted kid.  I was so fortunate to be adopted at 3 months old.  But, I did spend my first 3 months in the care of a Foster Mother.  I never had the chance to meet her but I have the sweetest letter from her!  And my first baby picture is a picture that she gave my parents (I only have one and I’m 6 weeks old).  I’m so fortunate – and I know it.  There are many many kids in the United States (over 100,000 in Foster care) that need good and permanent homes.  Thanks to Wendy’s® consumers and the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption®, 4,000+ children have found adoptive families.

Frostys for Families

Number 3.  I just returned to work full time.  That means my kiddos are having to pitch in a bit more.  They are having to be responsible in new ways this school year (this is not a bad thing in any way).  I am using my booklet that I bought (and by the way Ninety cents of every $1 Halloween Coupon Book sold between September 13 – October 31, 2014 will benefit the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption®. Coupons are valid for use: November 1, 2014 through February 1, 2015) to give to my boys for above and beyond work that they do!  They LOVE being rewarded with a sweet treat – and I love rewarding them in a way that is helping others.

Visit your local Wendy’s® to purchase a Jr. Frosty™ Halloween Coupon Book* for $1, which benefits the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption)®!  It’s for a good cause, it’s yummy, and whoever you decide earned an extra reward will love you for it. Coupon book may contain coupons for 5 or 10 free Jr. Frosty™ treats. Prices and participation may vary. Ninety cents to every $1 coupon booklet sold between 9/15/14 and 10/31/14 will benefit the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption®. Coupons valid from 11/1/14 through 2/1/15. ©2014 Oldemark LLC

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