Blogger of the Week #46

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You guys seriously?  46 weeks of Blogger of the Week????  WOW!  I still love doing it – we have “met” so many awesome bloggers!  Hope you enjoy it too!  This week we’re bringing you Aimee – I’ll let her tell the rest! ~ Heather

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When did you start blogging? I have started to blog in 2010. Wow, that seems like a long time ago! However, I did not blog during the entire time since 2010.  I restarted blogging last year and haven’t stopped since then!

What’s your favorite thing you have published? My favorite thing that I have published is this post : I look at is as an inspiration to others, that you do have a purpose.

Bloggers you love? I enjoy Martini’s and Minivans. It is laugh out loud humor and honesty! I also enjoy Cheerios and Latte’s, after a recent death of a child, she continues to focus and look at the big picture in life.

Biggest flop?  Biggest success? My biggest flop is some recipes. However, I don’t usually publish that part! Maybe I should start? My biggest success is anytime that I can get some content published! I totally underestimated the time that it takes to blog and balance life.

Thanks Aimee – we love it!  Check out how to make the shirt above (or any shirt with some writing) HERE!  And this post?  The Food & Drink Biography?  I LOVE IT!  Go tell Aimee that we said “hello” from Who Needs a Cape!

And while you’re there – check out Louisa – Aimee’s new partner!!! ~ Heather


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