Show us Your Mess Road Trip with Wet-Nap

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Show Us Your Mess

Our family LOVES a road trip.  When you live 750 miles from half of your extended family, you get really good at packing up the car and going!  One thing we ALWAYS do is pack snack bags.  I give my kids treats that they normally don’t get.  It gets them excited to be on the road for 12-13 hours, but it does inspire it’s own kind of mess!

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This time, I decided to try out Wet-Nap wipes to keep my boys clean!  I love the fact that Wet-Nap wipes are easy on the skin – my boys have very dry/sensitive skin and the Wet-Nap actually provides some moisturizer with Aloe!  On top of that my messy and rough kids didn’t break a single one (no ripped Wet-Nap for them – even though I think they tried).  The Wet-Nap was very durable and strong, plus cleaned them!  YEA!

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I love discovering new tricks to help my road trips – it’s been a constant evolution here with our family.  We did bottles and diapers, potty training, and now we are to a point where I can hand back a package or Wet-Nap, give out the goodie bags, stick a movie in and we’re on our way!

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I went to find my Wet-Nap wipes at Walmart – their prices are always great (hello everyday low prices) and they have what I’m looking for.  It took me a few minutes of thinking to realize that the Wet-Nap products are in the napkin aisle (your store may be different, but usually that’s where they are found).  I even had a coupon (BONUS).  Here’s a link to $.55 off of your Wet-Nap purchase! (hurry – while supplies last!)

So, our road trips just got a little easier for me (and my husband).  Now to plan our next adventure!

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