Blogger of the Week #10

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Can’t believe we are on week 10!  This week we are catching up with Haley from Health Starts in the Kitchen (appropriate for all those New Years Goals!  Thanks for participating Haley! ~ Heather

Health starts in the kitchen 2

Your Website ~ Health Starts in the Kitchen

When did you start blogging?  I started my blog in late Oct 2012, but didn’t get serious until Jan 2013Health starts in the kitchen 1

What’s your favorite thing that you have published?  I’m really proud of my post regarding why and how we raise our own chickens.

Blogs you love?  So many, I have no idea where to start!!! is my favorite site now, she’s makes the most amazing paleo/indian food!

Biggest Flop?  Biggest Success? My biggest success is FINALLY finding my path. Finally finding my passion and calling in life. Being a blogger is everything I wanted and I didn’t even know it. Not to mention FINALLY sticking with something 🙂 When you find what feels perfectly right it no longer feels like work! Where as my biggest failure is putting off creating my blog for years.


Thanks again Hayley – I love your site and all the healthy living ideas/recipes you are doing!  Friends go look – there is make your own laundry soap (and fabric softener), Organic gardening tips,  and TONS of healthy recipes!  (including this one for super food chocolate pudding cups!)  YUM!

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