Blogger of the Week #3

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wine cork ornament
Our Third Blogger of the week is Crystal from Make it Easy Crafts!  We love it!  Go over and give Crystal some Who Needs a Cape? Love!!!!  Thanks Crystal for participating!


My website is:

When did you start blogging?  I started blogging around 3 years ago with my first blog which showcased my art and writing,  Since I have been a craft designer for many years designing for national print magazines I figured why not start an all craft blog featuring my original tutorials about a year and a half ago.

What’s your favorite thing you have published?  I guess you could say I have no favorite thing that I published.  In art everything you create is your favorite until you create the next one.  

Bloggers you love?  Bloggers I love, well that’s a hard one. There so many bloggers and blogs that I love to visit and there are so many creative and wonderful people out there.  I’ve made so many friends from all over the world that I find myself truly blessed.  Of course “who needs a cape” is at the top of my fave list.  Good Answer Crystal 😉  ~ Heather

Biggest flop?  well I’ve had tons of those.  You see sometimes I’m like a mad scientist and I try things that are way outside the box. So in reality sometimes a tutorial that looks perfect is on it third or fourth incarnation with all the kinks taken out.  

Biggest success– hard to pin point.  I’m always trying to exceed what I have done in the past and I am my worst critic.  If  blue flower wine glasssuccess is measured by others, I guess my painted wine glasses and CD mosaic frames would be in the top ten.  I am on the design team and that is something I am always excited about.
Check out some of these links – here’s some of the hand painted wine glasses (these would make GREAT Christmas gifts) or look at some of her kids crafts if you need some ideas to do with your kiddos!   And you have to check out these tea light holders!  They are so cute!  Thanks again Crystal for participating! ~ Heather

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