Blogger of the Week #1

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We have  in the past year had so much fun as bloggers.  We’ve also been so fortunate to make so many blogger friends!  We wanted to share some of that with you!  By showing off some other blogs that maybe you haven’t seen.

So starting this week, we will be featuring different blogs on Sundays! (if you’re a blogger who would like to participate let me know!)

Our first blogger that’s being  featured is Jesse from Practically Functional! (go over and check her out and give her a Hello from Who Needs a Cape?) (All pictures on this post belong to Practically Functional!  Thanks Jesse)

We asked a few questions and here are Jesse’s answers!

  1. When did you start blogging?  February 2012, over a year and a half ago!
  2. What’s your favorite thing you have published? Hmm, hard to say cuz I fall in love with every project I do! But I Kitchen-Tourthink my favorite post was my small kitchen tour; it really exemplifies what Practically Functional is about: tips, tricks, crafts, and DIY projects you can do to help make the most of the home you live in!  I also enjoyed publishing my how to get the best muff photos in natural settings.  Tricky with a toddler about, but completely doable!
  3. Bloggers you love? There’s a bunch! Jacque and Matt from The DIY Village (they are the coolest couple and they write an awesome home improvement and crafts blog), Lisa from Wine & Glue (amazing recipes, and she’s hilarious!), Jocie from One Project Closer’s The Better Half (adorable crafts, great link party, plus Jocie is just the sweetest person in real life!), Amy from One Artsy Mama (amazing crafts and fashion advice, this girl is stylish!), Julie from White Lights On Wednesday (OMG the food! Her recipes are just divine!), and if I had to pick my favorite superstar blogger it would be Beckie from Infarrantly Creative (she actually runs three great home decor, home improvement, DIY, and crafts blogs, knows a ton about blogging, and is so sweet in person and is always willing to help!)
  4. Biggest flop?  Biggest success? Haha! My biggest flop was a project that had so much potential and I was excited about it for months! I found an old rolling display stand from the Gap in our alley that was double sided and had slat board on both sides (you know the wood that kinda looks like horizontal bead board and has metal behind it so you can add display hooks or shelves etc. wherever you want?) Well I was super excited about this thing because not only was it in great condition, but it came with six shelves and the metal brackets to attach them! My plan was to take the bottom off, take the wheels off, and cut it in half so that the front and back were two separate pieces of slat board. Then I was going to attach them to the wall next to either side of the bed and use them as nightstands! It was going to be amazing, but first off, the thing weighed over 100 lbs! We got the bottom and the wheels off and the double-sided slat board center just sat in our living room for forever because it was too heavy to deal with it. When my husband finally said “Do something with this or I’m tossing it!” we pulled it outside and trieDIY-Rustic-Pallet-Shelf-4d to cut it in half, but it turned out to be solid almost all the way through and we definitely didn’t have the right tools. So about 6 months later we finally put the thing back in the alley, halfway cut in half, without a bottom or wheels. Total fail!
  5. My biggest success could be one of two things. If you measure success in popularity, then by far my biggest success is my homemade grout cleaner! And it definitely cleaned my grout, so I guess that’s a success, but it wasn’t really a project… My biggest project success was probably my built in craft desk or my pallet shelf. Both of those were relatively simple projects that turned out EXACTLY as I had planned, which almost never happens! Plus they’re both incredibly functional, which definitely means they were a success for me!


Jesse – you’ve been an awesome guest to have on the blog and your blog is so great!  Thanks for coming over and showing off for us!

Go look at my favorites from Practically Functional – the Harry Potter Sorting Hat and the DIY Advent Calendar!  So cute!




  1. What a fabulous idea!! I’d love to share some chit chat & NIBBLES!!! Count me in 🙂 Warmest, Nic

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