Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken

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Ok I’m starting to look like that Buffalo Chicken lady here.  I mean I have made dip, chicken breasts and now pulled buffalo chicken!  But it’s so delicious and honestly made all these different ways?  They all have a different take on the buffalo flavor – I suggest you make them all. Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken is really super easy and really great! You’re going to want to make this!

Spice up your dinner without having fried wings - Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken is an amazing dinner! It's Easy, you can make sandwiches or salads - so good!

I also needed to make these because yes, I need some of Katie’s Freezer meals in my freezer!  This was my first one that I made and I loved it.  And I loved how easy easy easy it was.  So if you need a crock pot or easy meal to freeze and THEN crock pot – this is the recipe.  Hope you liked it as much as I did! What was super awesome about Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken is that it literally took 5 minutes to get into the slow cooker. SO EASY and sometimes you just need to dump everything in and run about your day – save this recipe for those days!

Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken can be so many things.  I use it on sandwiches, salads, by itself, as part of a dip. You can’t go wrong – you can healthy it up or add all the cheese you want. You are going to love making it! I took Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken and made Grilled Cheese – it was so good – I highly recommend it! SO GOOD!

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Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken

 Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken


  • 3-4 chicken breasts (I used 3 because they were huge)
  • 1 12 ounce bottle of hot sauce (I like Pete's)
  • 1/2 package of dry ranch dressing (1 ounce)
  • 2 tbsp of butter


  1. Spray your crock pot with non-stick cooking spray
  2. Place chicken in (I used mine frozen)
  3. Mix the hot sauce with the ranch mix and pour over chicken
  4. Cook on low for about 6-8 hours
  5. 1/2 hour before serving add butter and shred chicken.
  6. Serve on rolls for a delicious sandwich (I topped mine with Ranch Dressing)

Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken is an AWESOME Freezer Meal - Part of 40 meals in 4 hours you're going to love the flavor (and options of what to make for dinner!)



  1. Anything buffalo we love. Anything in the Crock Pot I love more! Thanks for sharing at Church Supper. Have a blessed week & come back soon!

  2. This looks wonderful. Pinned!

  3. I do have to say. It was super easy to make and REALLY yummy!!! I ended up just putting some in a bowl (after I ate a sandwich) and just ate it with ranch dressing. YUM!

    • Liz lol I thought of doing that – it would be just fine on a plate by itself with no bun 😉 Glad you liked!!!

  4. OK…this is on my short list of main dishes for our super bowl party! Thanks for linking up at my Pin Me Linky Party.

    • Perfect for a SuperBowl Party Diana! It’s easy and you can have it sitting out in the crockpot so you don’t have to keep running into the kitchen! Have fun:)

  5. YUM! Another one I’m going to have to try!! I wonder how well this would freeze (raw)? I’ve never frozen hot sauce, so not sure how well it would hold up. Regardless, trying it! 😀

  6. Your buffalo chicken sounds DELICIOUS!!! I love crock pot meals, and always try to come up with new recipes that I can use it with… thanks for sharing this!

  7. This sounds like a great dish and perfect for the Super Bowl! Thanks so much for sharing!


  8. This was SUPER easy!! I loved it! However, it was too spicy for the rest of my family. 🙁 Anyone have any suggestions for making it less spicy? I used Moore’s Buffalo Wing Sauce.

    • It is spicy! Sorry:( My kids won’t eat it either – but that’s a WHOLE different post 😉

      You could use half of the buffalo sauce and some honey to make up the rest of the “liquid” That would probably be just as good and not so spicy!

      Or you could add some ranch (dry packet).

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  10. These would be perfect for a Super Bowl party! Thanks for linking up

  11. Just stopped by to let you know you are featured in this weeks Manic Monday Party 🙂 Hope to see you again this week!!

  12. Yum! I am going to try this but use it in a wrap or salad!

  13. This sounds really good (to me). Know my family won’t eat if to hot, was wondering if it might work to use a can of rotel tomatoes and chilies in place of hot sauce? Think that would be to much liquid for the recipe? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  14. Ok, I have a dumb question. Do you put all of the ingredients in bag and freeze it, or just the chicken, and add the other three when you are ready to put the chicken in the crock pot. I’m new to this and my question applies to all the awesome looking recipes here. Thanks for being patient with a newbie. 🙂

    • I will freeze all the ingredients in the bag. The exception is when there is a large amount of liquid (water, broth, etc.). Anything over 1 cup of liquid and I’ll just make a note on the bag to add when I cook. That way it takes up less room in the freezer

      • Danielle says

        Another dumb question from a newbie 🙂 Do you let everything thaw before putting it in the crockpot or is it okay to put it in a big chunk?

        • I try to mostly thaw it first- in the fridge overnight- but if it’s still frozen the next morning I’ll still dump it in. You just have to add some extra cooking time if it’s frozen. 🙂

      • Just made the 40 meals on Thursday night. Great idea. Just checked my freezer this morning, the Mongoli recipe as well as the buffalo chicken – the bags are not freezing. Including the chicken… any ideas? Just rescued the buffalo chicken and am cooking it now. What did I do wrong?

  15. I’m thinking on a salad. Yum.

  16. That’s a LOT of hot sauce! Really? 12 oz? Sounds good but I’m scared. How hot is this?

    • It’s spicy – if you don’t like heat – try less! you could always add more 😉 I liked it but I like it hot!

  17. I just made this (I know it’s been up for like a YEAR already) and I thought that I would help out some of the commenters- to make it less spicy you can buy MILD buffalo sauce, I even found EXTRA MILD at my local shoprite (I can eat it without added ranch- and I think PEPPERONI is spicy!). Also- I think it’s very liquidy, and I haven’t yet added the butter, I am thinking of foregoing the butter so it doesn’t get even more thinned out, I was hoping for more of a sauce and it seems really thin (I think it’s from all the injected chicken broth/juices leaching out of the chicken breasts- I hate that they all get chicken broth injected into them in the manufacturing process!). I can’t decide if I want to melt the butter and add some flour to it to thicken it up a bit or if I just want to leave the butter out so I don’t risk ruining the flavor.

  18. What kind of hot sauce is the best one to use for this recipe? I was thinking Franks??

  19. Am I the only one who thinks boneless skinless chicken breast turns out gross in the crockpot?. Its overcooked, chewy, dry and just awful. What is the secret?

    • 🙂 I like chicken in the crock pot – honestly. I think you’re over cooking it if it’s dry. also – I think it needs a great sauce.

      I will say that not everyone is in love with slow cooker meals. Just a matter of taste.

    • Much less time in the pot is the answer. I did this recipe on low for 3 hours, and I was almost more thanenough. I prob will only do 2 hours next time.

  20. SthrnLuvinGal says

    I’m confused about something. I was looking for 4 hour slow cooker recipes. Thanking God I found your website, I began reading the directions to cook this seemingly yummy meal (especially based on the reviews & comments). However, your instructions say to cook on low for 6-8 hours. That is not a 4 hour recipe. Can I cook on high for 4 hours or is that overkill?

    • I am sure that 4 hours on high would get the job done 😉

      Enjoy – I love this chicken!

    • I think you were confused…they are not four hour recipes…they are 40 recipes that take 4 hours to prepare…you shop for everything, and prep it all, and put in your freezer. The prep time is 4 hours for all of it (for me, it took me 6). In this case, the buffalo chicken, it only needed 3 hours on low, otherwise it would have been too tough.

      Have fun!

  21. I really dislike having to shred meat, but this was so easy! The meat was so moist, I just put a fork and knife in the crock pot and everything just fell apart in less than a minute of work. Which really wasn’t work at all!

    This only required about 3 hrs in the crock pot. I fear if I had left it longer, the chicken would have been tough. Glad I caught it early!

    Delish! (This is night 4 for us, and we are loving the recipes!)

  22. This was really salty and I only used 1/2 of a bottle of Frank’s (all I had). I couldn’t imagine a whole bottle. I may have to switch out the ranch with my homemade version that has less salt or maybe Pete’s has less? I love me some buffalo chicken but not sure I’ll make this version again. The chicken was super tender, though. Sorry! 🙁

    • Sorry – I didn’t think it was salty at all – but maybe that’s because I’m in love with anything buffalo

  23. We got snowed in over the weekend and I broke this recipe out — SO GOOD. I serve the chicken in a toasted flour tortilla with blue cheese crumbles and green onions. Tastes just like your favorite wings, but at a fraction of the calories and fat!


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