Surviving Sandy

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I live on a barrier island in New Jersey.  Yup, those barrier islands the ones you have heard about and seen flooded out.  I was told to evacuate by Sunday night, October 28.  My husband, me and the kids did not evacuate.  We ran away from Hurricane Irene, I have no shame in telling you that.  We went to outside of Harrisburg, PA and went on the free chocolate ride at Hershey!  I am not too proud to leave my home and get out of the path of danger.

There was just no running from Sandy.  She was at one time 2000 miles big.  My family in Michigan were feeling her affects and they are 750 miles away.  So, unless I had driven 1000 miles, hopped a plane south or extremely west there was just no escaping Sandy. There we sat in our house, family and friends freaking out on us that we had decided to stay, but there was just no running!

We are lucky.  The street that we live on rarely floods.  As you can see from this picture there is water across from us, but not on our side of the street.  This was taken mid-storm.  Sandy definitely had her ups and downs, but for the most part she pounded us for 12-18 hours.  The rain was unbelievable.  I’ve seen stronger winds, but it was the fact that they didn’t stop for so long.

Sandy ate away at my beach, and many other beaches.  I think some towns are going to be left with little to no beach at all.  This will not be the case for me.  My beaches are 1/3 of a mile until you hit the water.  I know this picture is a little hard to see, but this is the beginning of our beach on the morning that Sandy was coming.  Yes I walked during the storm (just once) to the beach to get a picture.  The beach in this picture is gone.  There are waves on it.  It’s unbelievable.  See the picture below to see how the storm really raised the water.

It’s pretty amazing.  I never really lost power, we had a couple of “longer” blinks, but other than that I can’t complain.  Our phone and internet worked throughout the whole storm.  We lost cable for like 1/2 hour, but that came back on too.  My town is pretty lucky considering some of the devastation I have seen mainly north of us.  My heart breaks for the neighborhood in Queens that lost what 50? houses?  Devastation like this is crazy.

We survived, and we’re fine.  But I did have my moments of freaking out.  I kept busy preparing to stop the freak outs!  Good thing there is plenty to do before a storm shows up.  Here’s some tips that I did for becoming prepared for a storm to hit your house.

  • I started on Thursday (4-5 days before storm was supposed to hit) filling my freezer with big gallon ziplock bags of water.  Making giant ice cubes.  I am a stock piler with my groceries and I was terrified of losing my freezers!  I figured that it would help to have the freezer stuffed with huge blocks of ice.
  • I made sure we had plenty of water.  I believe north of us they are being told to boil their water.  But, I had a lot of clean water on hand just in case.
  • Double checked all of our flashlights.  Fortunately my husband has a thing for a good flashlight.  So we have ones that actually produce good light.  I made sure we had some back up batteries and that the ones in the flashlights worked.
  • I sent my husband to buy some extra non-smelling candles!  🙂
  • I baked.  Weird?  yes.  yes it is.  But I have 3 kids.  I wanted us to make sure to have something yummy and filling (I made Apple Pie Bread and Home Made Rolls).  It also burned off some nervous energy.
  • I took out some packaged of hot dogs out of my freezer.  It wouldn’t be my first choice, but hot dogs are already cooked…so if we had had to…
  • I made sure to keep our cell phones charged.  We also have a wind up charger/flashlight/radio.  I highly suggest having one of those on hand.

If you live in an area where storms, days without power are all very familiar to you?  You should really have the emergency kit like this ready.  I, like I said, am a stockpiler.  I had 5 cases of water cause I got it on sale.  In the days leading to the storm?  Walmart ran out of water.  So did Walgreens and our grocery stores.  People get insane as a storm is heading their way and will take twice as much as they need.  So try to have a back up plan or a stash.

Well, I’m sitting here, watching the sun come up.  It’s the first time since I think 6 days that I’ve seen the sun.  Life will go on here.  We are good.  We survived Hurricane Sandy.



  1. Lisa (hot mama in training) says

    Enjoyed reading this post. Glad you are okay!

  2. So glad you guys didn’t get a lot of damage!

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