Easter Dinner Menus

We’ve all been there, trying to find something new to make for a holiday. Look no further, from Main Courses to Sides and Drinks we have you set for Easter Dinner. Have a fussy family? We will give you some ideas for that too! I like having some traditional dishes, but I like to break out a couple of new recipes for every holiday. So keep reading and you’ll get excited by our Easter Dinner Menus! Turkey Dinner in the works? {Read More}

66 Slow Cooker Dinners

I don’t know if you have noticed, but here at Who Needs a Cape?  We have OVER 66 dinners ready to simmer in your slow cooker!  Many of these are freezer meals, some are not (or I should say not yet!), but they are ALL tasty and delicious.  They are ALL simple, but flavorful.  They will all be perfect for your dinner!  Hope you enjoy this list of 66 Slow Cooker Dinners like I do! CHICKEN Crock Pot Chicken Tacos {Read More}

Orange Cranberry Sauce

Orange Cranberry Sauce is a twist on the traditional cranberry sauce. Fresh and bright, this sauce will stand out on your Thanksgiving table. I have begun to appreciate the slight sweet, yet tartness of this Orange Cranberry Sauce. When I was little I just flat out refused to try it, but now as an I adult it is something I cannot do without. The bright citrus added by the orange, just makes this sauce the perfect addition to a roasted {Read More}

Meatball Mania a Roundup of Meatball Recipes

Meatball Mania a Roundup of Meatball Recipes from beef, chicken, pork and turkey there’s a recipe for every taste. Perfect for holiday parties & more! Presenting Meatball Mania a Roundup of Meatball Recipes, an amazing collection of meatball recipes and dishes. Meatballs are fabulous, doesn’t matter if they are  an entree, appetizer or side dish. Whether it be beef, chicken, pork or turkey you’ll find a recipe for every taste bud below. From Asian inspiration to the classic flavor of {Read More}

Throw Back Thursday ~ Easy Slow Cooker Turkey Breast

Lori served this up last Thanksgiving.  I have to admit that I tried her recipe – family LOVES turkey and making them can be a pain – this recipe was SO EASY AND SO DELISH!  I had to bring it back for Easter!  (Or any occasion I made mine cause it was Tuesday!)  Enjoy ~ Heather May sound a bit looney, but I haven’t been so excited about something since Arrested Development released new episodes on Netflix!  Maybe I’ve led a sheltered life {Read More}