Perfect Frozen Margarita

A perfect summer drink made simple, is Who Needs a Cape’s Perfect Frozen Margarita. Make one up this summer and enjoy it by the pool! Nothing goes with hot weather like a Perfect Frozen Margarita. I can’t wait to be floating around the pool sipping one of these. You can use the mix, but making it with fresh ingredients just makes it that much better. I usually make a pitcher-full and store it in the freezer, but this is a recipe {Read More}

Spicy Mexican Martini

Treat your tastebuds to a Spicy Mexican Martini cocktail! Perfect for Cinco de Mayo celebrations or Taco Tuesday! So fantastic!   Until I tried, I had no idea if I would like a Spicy Mexican Martini…I promise you I am amazed at how good it is. When you try it? You’re going to completely understand what I’m talking about – the heat with the sweet/sour taste of a margarita? It’s almost indescribable! My recipe for Spicy Mexican Martini makes 1 {Read More}

Pepper Infused Tequila

Pepper Infused Tequila livens up your favorite tequila by adding peppers. Great addition to your favorite margarita mix, perfect for Cinco de Mayo. I love an extra spicy Mexican martini and finally decided to recreate what I have had in restaurants in the past. First, I needed to start with the tequila. You can use whichever peppers you choose, the spicier they are, the less time it will take! My husband had so kindly offered to taste test for me, {Read More}