Strawberry Lime Boozy Cooler

Summer Sipping has never been this refreshing. Mix up a Strawberry Lime Boozy Cooler and enjoy the hot weather! Summer is here and you know I like to lighten up my cocktail when the hot weather hits! Sometimes I do a bit of Frozen sometimes I do a lighter drink…either way – you know a cool cocktail on a hot summer day is just the best of the best right? You know another thing that is the best? Not having {Read More}

Cherry Creamsicle Cocktail

Cherry Creamsicle Cocktail is a fun and fruity drink combining some of the great tastes of summer. Using fresh cherries as a basis this is a great treat. Summer is all too short, we need to enjoy every possible moment of this glorious season that we can.  Here in Michigan the beloved cherry reigns supreme during the summer season.  I combined some great summertime flavors into this Cherry Creamsicle Cocktail, which will have you in cherry-rific bliss. Once again I {Read More}

Watermelon Daiquiri

The Watermelon Daiquiri is the absolute perfect cocktail for summertime enjoyment! Easy to prepare and oh so good, you’ll love this one. Summer is looming (I promise those of you with snow and cold – it IS coming).  You have to have some fun summery drinks for summer right? I like adding different things to drinks – makes life much more fun. And, to be honest, adding things that are healthy? Well who doesn’t love that?  I mean if I {Read More}