Starburst Martini

This Starburst Martini is a fun and flavorful cocktail that will remind you of the light pink Starburst candy. Super yummy, you’ll love the flavor. Looking for a fun and fruity cocktail that is EASY to make? Here it is! Introducing what I call, the Starburst Martini! Why Starburst? Because this cocktail tastes very similar to the light pink wrapped Starburst candy that we’re all familiar with. Supposedly that flavor Starburst is strawberry, this drink does not taste like strawberry {Read More}

Raspberry Lemonade Moscato Wine Spritzer

This Raspberry Lemonade Moscato Wine Spritzer is an enjoyable cocktail that’s easy to make. Perfect for summertime sipping. Yes, I know Heather is our resident Mix-o-logist at Who Needs A Cape?, she’s mixed up everything from Watermelon Daiquiri‘s to The Perfect Bloody Mary!  I’m not permanently creeping on her territory, but from time to time I may bring an adult beverage to the table and share with our readers. There was this bottle of Barefoot Moscato staring at me in {Read More}