9 Festive Slow Cooker Drinks for the Holiday Season

Holiday parties are just better with a tasty beverage. Here are 9 Festive Slow Cooker Drinks for the Holiday Season, some are boozy for the adults too. If there’s one thing the holiday season brings it would be plenty of opportunities for parties, entertaining and get-togethers. Anything from small informal gatherings to large parties with loads of family and friends. And of course, since it is the holiday season each of these parties requires delicious food and drinks. Especially here {Read More}

Jalapeño Cheese Ball

Liven up your next party with a Jalapeño Cheese Ball! Perfect for entertaining, you can even shape it like a pumpkin for Thanksgiving! Tired of pumpkin-shaped things yet?   Don’t worry you don’t have to make these in a pumpkin shape, it just happened to work for the Halloween party we hosted.  These are super easy and great for parties!  The best thing is that you can freeze them too. Modify the flavors to suit those you are serving. We {Read More}