Cherry Bourbon Slush

Liven up your Bourbon and make a Cherry Bourbon Slush – easy to make and tastes delish! Sometimes you need to have fun with your cocktails right? Even if you’re a bourbon drinker. Cherry Bourbon Slush is fruity enough if you’re NOT a bourbon drinker and bourbonny (Is that a word?) if you are. It’s a really fun cocktail that everyone will totally love! I know I did! My husband did. We enjoyed for sure. you’re going to too! I {Read More}

Citrus Tequila Slush

You know? It’s getting warm by me (well at least most days). It’s feeling spring like and I’m ready. I’m ready for short sleeves and summer sipping. Yes, I change foods and drinks with the seasons (am I alone on this?) so it’s out with a winter cocktail and it’s in with a summery drink. In walks the Citrus Tequila Slush. It’s very very summery. It’s like July in a glass! Citrus Tequila Slush is very simple to make and {Read More}

Blue Piña Colada

Blue Pina Colada – add a little something extra to your home made (from scratch) pina coladas! Enjoy summer in a glass with this fruity, frozen cocktail! If you like a Piña Colada (isn’t this a song?) then you HAVE to try the even fruitier version Blue Piña Colada!  It’s not only great tasting it’s so much more fun (blue colors are just more fun in a cocktail right?)  It’s getting to be summer here and it’s time to whip {Read More}

Perfect Peach Frozen Cocktail

Enjoy the Perfect Peach Frozen Cocktail – it’s easy and simple to make – without using mixers! Mix one of these up today!!! Somedays you just need something fruity and delicious – and somedays you need to add vodka into that fruity delicious!  Today is one of those days.  The Perfect Peach Frozen Cocktail is just so yum you’re going to need to try it for yourself. I’m not a fan of buying mixers to make drinks – if you’re {Read More}

Throw Back Thursday ~ Naughty Rudolph

Yes, it’s time to bring back this amazing drink!  It’s so delish that all of your guests will thank you!  And since it’s frozen it’s PERFECT for Christmas in July!  Hope you enjoy it like I did! ~ Heather I love Cherry anything!  So when the Mario company said they would send Cherries – I was in!  YUM!  Their cherries are really delicious – and I’m so happy to have them!  If you can’t find them at your local grocery {Read More}