Cherry Bourbon Slush

Liven up your Bourbon and make a Cherry Bourbon Slush – easy to make and tastes delish! Sometimes you need to have fun with your cocktails right? Even if you’re a bourbon drinker. Cherry Bourbon Slush is fruity enough if you’re NOT a bourbon drinker and bourbonny (Is that a word?) if you are. It’s a really fun cocktail that everyone will totally love! I know I did! My husband did. We enjoyed for sure. you’re going to too! I {Read More}

Perfect Peach Frozen Cocktail

Somedays you just need something fruity and delicious – and somedays you need to add vodka into that fruity delicious!  Today is one of those days.  The Perfect Peach Frozen Cocktail is just so yum you’re going to need to try it for yourself. I’m not a fan of buying mixers to make drinks – if you’re getting out your blender anyways – just make it with real fruit!  I used frozen peaches in the Perfect Peach and it was {Read More}

The Who Needs a Cape Signature Cocktail

Who Needs a Cocktail? We do, that’s for sure! All of us ladies at Who Needs a Cape decided it was high time that we have our own Signature Cocktail. We wanted it tasty and fruity, fun and pretty — which is how the Who Needs a Cape Signature Cocktail was born! This cocktail is loads of fun and it will impress anyone. It’s easier than you think to layer drinks when they are frozen — just takes a couple {Read More}