Creamy Slow Cooker Hash Brown & Sausage Soup

Creamy Slow Cooker Hash Brown & Sausage Soup is a wonderful meal from your crockpot. Easy to make, this comforting dinner is a family favorite. Soups in my slow cooker are one of my go-to meals when I haven’t really planned out my dinnertime strategy for the week. Take for example this simple yet delicious Creamy Slow Cooker Hash Brown & Sausage Soup. If I’ve forgotten to plan dinner I can make a quick stop into the grocery store after {Read More}

Spinach Manicotti

A hearty dish that the family will love! Spinach Manicotti is delicious and has healthy ingredients making it a sure-fire hit! Does everyone love the comfort food of a lovely Italian Dish? Pasta just makes you feel good.┬áSpinach Manicotti is the PERFECT family comfort food dinner because while it has all the cheesy saucy yumminess it also has some spinach hiding in there. Anytime I can squeeze in a few veggies? I’m a happy mom. Yeah, I’m not calling this {Read More}

Bacon Wrapped Cream Cheese Chicken

You won’t believe how much flavor this Bacon Wrapped Cream Cheese Chicken delivers to your dinner table! It’ll be a new family favorite! My work BFF, Jill, told me about this quick, simple and tasty meal a while ago. I made it about a year ago, but just never had the desire to pound out some chicken breasts! Really, that is the most time consuming part of this recipe. I promise. Here are the ingredients you need: 3-4 chicken breasts {Read More}