Cherry Eggnog Martini

Cherry Eggnog Martini is simple and easy. Brighten up your holidays with this cocktail everyone will love! Perfect for Thanksgiving or Christmas parties! WOOHOO – Holiday Season is officially here which means I can buy my favorite Holiday Drink – EggNog! My whole family gobbles up the EggNog as soon as you can find it in the stores so I always have it in the house. I decided that I needed a Grown Up EggNog and came up with Cherry {Read More}

Jingle Juice

No holiday party will be complete without Jingle Juice! Serve this fun and easy to make cocktail at your next Christmas gathering. I love love love having a signature Holiday cocktail.  They are so fun to make and everyone feels so festive drinking them. I like my cocktails so I won’t just throw any old thing into the martini shaker – it has to pass the Heather Test. This year I decided I needed something fun and green. Cranberry would {Read More}

Sexy Snowman Martini

The Sexy Snowman Martini is a yummy White Chocolate Martini – made in Holiday Style! It’s a perfect dessert drink to serve on just about any occasion! Who wouldn’t want to drink a Sexy Snowman Martini?  I mean seriously it’s delicious and it’s fun! (with or without the marshmallow snowman!) If you’re hosting any kind of get together this holiday season – this is a drink you need to make for your guests!  It’s a great after dinner dessert cocktail {Read More}

Boozy Eggnog White Hot Chocolate

Boozy Eggnog White Hot Chocolate is a great holiday beverage. Make it for Christmas, a cold winter day, or as a special drink! Boozy Eggnog White Hot Chocolate … um, yes yes yes. You need to make it. I was thinking of making a twist on Hot Chocolate and this just fit the bill! It’s delish and a much quicker drink to make than you think. Plus we love sneaking in our favorite Christmas Flavors into anything as long as {Read More}

Peppermint Adult (or not) Milk Shakes

Make Peppermint Milk Shakes for the Adults or for the Kids – either way it’s a really delightful treat! You guys know that I’m the most holiday person I know! That includes eating (and drinking) delish yummy treats for Christmas – including Peppermint Milk Shakes! These were so good that we’ve made them a BUNCH at our house. First for the kids and then for mom and dad. With or without the booze they are delish! We can’t get enough {Read More}