Cherry EggNog Martini

Cherry EggNog Martini is just what the holidays need. A simple, yet amazing cocktail that will make your holiday season bright! WOOHOO – Holiday Season is officially here which means I can buy my favorite Holiday Drink – EggNog! My whole family gobbles up the EggNog as soon as you can find it in the stores so I always have it in the house. I decided that I needed a Grown Up EggNog and came up with Cherry EggNog Martini. {Read More}

Jingle Juice

I love love love having a signature Holiday cocktail.  They are so fun to make and everyone feels so festive drinking them. I like my cocktails so I won’t just throw any old thing into the martini shaker – it has to pass the Heather Test. This year I decided I needed something fun and green. Cranberry would be awesome. It’s how Jingle Juice was born! Jingle Juice is in essence a very simple Martini to make. Anyone can mix {Read More}

Throw Back Thursday ~ Bad Santa Cocktail

Who wouldn’t want a sugar cookie in the form of a cocktail?  This was DELISH and you should make it starting now through Christmas (well…it doesn’t have to stop then!) ~ Heather If you can’t have fun at Christmas drinking a Bad Santa Cocktail – well…I just don’t know then!  This cocktail is perfect for the holiday season – it tastes like the liquid form of a sugar cookie – and honestly – what does Santa love eating?  Sugar Cookies {Read More}

Throw Back Thursday ~ Cranberry Mimosa

Easiest Christmas Drink Ever (although it’s so yummy you’ll want it a lot – not just on Christmas).  You need to make these 😉 ~ Heather   Everyone needs some Christmas Cheer right?  Even though – quite honestly – this little cocktail should be drunk all year (really I’m serious – it’s good) this does have the right colors for Christmas so might as well use it!!! This is also a GREAT drink to serve because of a few reasons {Read More}

Sexy Snowman Martini

The Sexy Snowman Martini is a yummy White Chocolate Martini – made in Holiday Style! It’s a perfect dessert drink to serve on just about any occasion! Who wouldn’t want to drink a Sexy Snowman Martini?  I mean seriously it’s delicious and it’s fun! (with or without the marshmallow snowman!) If you’re hosting any kind of get together this holiday season – this is a drink you need to make for your guests!  It’s a great after dinner dessert cocktail {Read More}