White Trash Holiday Snack Mix

 Be warned…incredibly addictive stuff here!!! Okay, so the phrase”white trash” normally has a not too nice connotation attached to it.  Not something you wanna go around saying, or proclaiming to love necessarily.  But, I’m fairly certain once you’ve tried this recipe for White Trash Holiday Snack Mix you’ll be saying:  “I LOVE WHITE TRASH” loud & proud!  I have no clue where the name came from, and there are a million variations out there, but this is my favorite version {Read More}

Easter Peanut Butter Cheerio Cups

These Easter Peanut Butter Cheerio Cups are a fun and tasty holiday treat. Easy to prepare, let the kids get in there and help too, they’ll love these. Easter is such a great time to make sweet treats!  I love it.  And my boys love anything that’s crazy – mom you put candy on a dessert?  They are sold! Ok my husband gobbled these up as well…ok and me too! They were delicious and I loved them. They were so {Read More}