Brat & Veggie Foil Packet Meals

Fire up your grill! Next time you are camping or grilling whip up these easy Brat & Veggie Foil Packet mealls. Simple to make, you’ll love the flavors! Ahhh, summertime in Michigan there’s truly some magic that happens in our fine state during this amazing season. We’ve particularly enjoyed this summer in Michigan, we’ve utilized our motorhome that we purchased last year and camped nearly every single weekend since May. This past weekend was no different. We loaded up and {Read More}

Balsamic BBQ Sauce {Paleo}

Amp up your grilling with this tasty Balsamic BBQ Sauce {Paleo}. Easy to prepare and you know exactly what ingredients are in it too. Oh man. This stuff is awesome. I made a crockpot pulled pork the other night and I HAD to make homemade BBQ sauce to go with it. And I love me some balsamic vinegar so I knew I had to find a recipe that was based on that instead of just regular white vinegar. I found {Read More}