Pumpkin Energy Balls

Pumpkin Energy Balls give you the boost of nutrition you want in an amazing flavor. So perfect for lunches, snacks, after the game treats…You’re going to love these! Pumpkin Energy Balls were a little experiment of mine – I wanted to see how far I could push my kids into eating something healthy. Um…my boys LOVED these little balls. I’m not kidding. I put them in their lunch and they were begging for more (which reminds me if you’d like {Read More}

Pumpkin OREO Balls

Pumpkin OREO Balls are a fantastic No Bake Dessert – perfect for any occasion you’re going to love the taste! I’m continuously looking for new ways to jazz up old recipes. Do you do that too? No one wants the same dessert, dinner or snack for the next 50 years. I like to try to re-invent what I’m making and the easy way to do that is just to switch out a few things! Right? That’s how I stumbled onto {Read More}

Mozzarella Buffalo Balls

Mozzarella Buffalo Balls are spicy cheesy balls of goodness. Great for tailgating or for sitting and watching the game from home. You guys – who doesn’t love something buffalo? We LOVE IT at Who Needs a Cape? We have Buffalo EVERYTHING so why not some Mozzarella Buffalo Balls? It’s absolutely a fantastic snack or appetizer. PERFECT for so many occasions! I can’t get enough of these yummy treats. And let’s face it – this isn’t the kind of thing you {Read More}