Lemon Crumb Loaf

Lemon Crumb Loaf has a fresh lemon flavor, crumb topping and finished off with a glaze. So delicious, have it for dessert or breakfast! So excited for this post!  We have so many blogger friends out there in blogger-world (yes, that’s a technical term, heehee), and once in awhile we gather together and do something fun like this FREAKY FRIDAY recipe swap! Within this group we were all assigned a blogger and from their site we were to choose a {Read More}

Easy Snowman Cake

This Easy Snowman Cake is a fun dessert to make with your kids. With easy pantry items you can create a friendly winter snowman for your next party. I’ll start by saying this post isn’t all that complex, but I just had to share!  This Easy Snowman Cake came about because my 6 year old’s elementary school was hosting a winter carnival.  All sorts of carnival games, food, fun and of course the ever popular CAKE WALK!  Who doesn’t love {Read More}

Cream Cheese Frosted Grapefruit Cake

Deliciously flavorful Cream Cheese Frosted Grapefruit Cake is a light dessert that gives you the beloved flavor of grapefruit in a dessert that is lovely. We’re knee deep in snow this time of the year in Michigan. I’m dreaming of warm tropical breezes and sunshine, something to help take away from the fact that there’s 6 more weeks of winter…yes a minimum of 6!  When I think of sunshine, I instantly think of the Sunshine State, Florida! When I was a {Read More}

Cherry Pie Thumbprint Cookies

Cherry Pie Thumbprint Cookies scrumptious! A shortbread style cookie topped with Cherry Pie Filling & a drizzle of chocolate, the perfect holiday treat! There’s nothing like the smell of freshly baked cookies, the scent wafts through the air and even finds teenagers who are burrowing under the covers in their rooms.  Now that’s some powerful stuff!  The scent of freshly baked goods is one of the bonuses of the holiday season, many times a week I’ll find myself baking up {Read More}

Dark Chocolate and Pumpkin Swirl Cake

Are you looking for a decadent dessert this fall? Look no further than Dark Chocolate and Pumpkin Swirl Cake. Wow your family with this easy to make cake. When I saw this Dark Chocolate and Pumpkin Swirl Cake on the cover of the November issue of Better Homes and Gardens I HAD to make it. There was just no question. Dark Chocolate plus pumpkin equals love forever in my book! This cake did not let me down. It is a {Read More}