Champagne Slush Cocktail

A lovely looking and delicious tasting drink – the champagne slush cocktail is sure to please! Make it for your next brunch or shower! A drink with slush (vodka and midori) and champagne?  SIGN ME UP!  I always wanted to make a slush of some sorts and with this slush being on the sweeter side I didn’t want to serve it with anything that had more sweet (like soda) so…my champagne loving self decided a dry champagne would be perfect {Read More}

Champagne Cupcakes

Serve these Champagne Cupcakes the next time you’d like to impress your guests! Easy to prepare yet they bring a wow factor to the dessert table!   My sister was making some cupcakes for a co-worker and asked me if I would be interested in joining her for some champagne and cupcakes. Who could turn that down? We unknowingly used a pricey-ish bottle of champagne (leftover from a friend’s wedding), but luckily we were able to have a couple glasses {Read More}

Delicious Dips for Entertaining

Fabulous collection of Delicious Dips for Entertaining, from sweet to savory to everything in between! You’ll find a new favorite or two.   Parties, holiday entertaining, get-togethers, gatherings… they all require one very important thing-FOOD! And an easy way to please lots of people are dips, they are versatile, most can be made ahead of time, and served with a variety of dippers from chips, to veggies to bagel chips! We’ve compiled a post including all of our popular dips {Read More}

Jalapeño Cheese Ball

Liven up your next party with a Jalapeño Cheese Ball! Perfect for entertaining, you can even shape it like a pumpkin for Thanksgiving! Tired of pumpkin-shaped things yet?   Don’t worry you don’t have to make these in a pumpkin shape, it just happened to work for the Halloween party we hosted.  These are super easy and great for parties!  The best thing is that you can freeze them too. Modify the flavors to suit those you are serving. We {Read More}

Holiday Leftover Stacks

Holiday Leftover Stacks: Hash Brown Casserole, Ham and Eggs is the perfect way to use up all the deliciousness of holiday dinner for a lovely breakfast. There is nothing better than getting 2 meals (or more) out of one “cooking”. It’s my favorite way to cook! I love when I can turn leftovers into something new! Making Holiday Leftover Stacks is completely the way to go! They are super yummy, they are super easy and they are perfect for using {Read More}