Food Awakens (Party!)

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Food Awakens

We’ve all been waiting right? The Force is awakening and in my life? That’s super exciting (I know I’m not the only one!). I wanted to have a family friendly viewing party to get us ready for the new Star Wars™ movie coming out. A simple, fun, delicious party where we watch a few Star Wars™ episodes in preparation for the new movie. I knew it would be SO easy thanks to General Mills and their Star Wars™ cereals and Star Wars™ Go-Gurt. I like it when throwing a party is simple and easy (right?). So follow along, I’ll give you two fun recipes, and show you the simple easy way to a fun family friendly party!

2014-07-18 051 2014-07-18 028

So everyone knows that there is a HUGE premier coming right? Everyone is ready? For us? The Force in us was for real. We needed to watch (AGAIN) some of the old Star Wars™ to get ready and we decided to make it a party. LOVE IT! To get ready? Easy. Head to Walmart. They had all the fun General Mills Star Wars™ Cereal (that makes my life delightful because all my sons – and most importantly my husband are so excited to eat) and they had the Star Wars™ Go-Gurt® which my boys gobble up AND they had so many other things at Walmart – it was where I had to go.

Food Awakens 2

Not only is General Mills Star Wars™ Cereal our favorite to eat – they have a prize inside right now! Seriously I’m so happy I had enough boxes to give each of my boys their own Droid Viewer! They are still playing with them! Thank you General Mills Star Wars™ Cereal!

Food Awakens 3

So like I said I went to Walmart because I knew the Force would be with me there to pick up all the ingredients and supplies I needed to have my Food Awakens party! I was not disappointed.

2014-07-18 051 2014-07-18 068

Truth is – when the second Star Wars™ movie came out (Episode 5) I was I think 4? I remember seeing it and sitting on my dad’s lap. I loved it and was terrified at the same time (that’s a good movie right?). My husband is a couple of years older than me and he is in LOVE with Star Wars™. It’s his thing for sure. We are both excited to share the tradition with our kids. They LOVED their R2D2 cereal, they LOVED their Droid Viewers, they LOVED the fun General Mills Star Wars™ Cereal. We wanted to celebrate all of this with them!

Ok on to our party.

Food awakens 4

I didn’t need to plan 500 activities for this party and you don’t either. Get your favorite 2 movies (more if you’re die hard!) and get a few activities and here we go. We need good food (movie food), good friends, a few activies to keep the little ones entertained) and a couple of great Star Wars™ movies! Don’t over think!

2014-07-18 051 2014-07-18 028

First thing I did was decide on a menu. We’re watching movies so absolutely I needed popcorn, but I needed a few more things. General Mills Star Wars™ Cereal in my family isn’t just for breakfast – it’s great for a snack too (all kids grown up or little love cereal). I had decided to have some in bowls, but I wanted to use the cereals in a few recipes too (more below!). Also I knew that EASY way to put out snacks was to include Go-Gurt® and YEA there is absolutely a Star Wars™ Go-Gurt! WIN!

Food Awakens 5

How did we keep our kids (well the littles the older ones were totally into the movies)? I printed off some of these AWESOME coloring pages – party activities don’t HAVE to take days to plan. Print some of these and entertain the kiddos for hours – plus get some CUTE interpretations! (click on the picture for lots of options!)

starwars_coloring sheets_Page_02

Now we needed food – we knew what we were doing, we knew who we were doing it with, we knew we were going to eat! I even knew my star ingredient would be awesome Star Wars™ R2D2 Cereal® (with sides of Star Wars™ Honey Nut Cheerios®, Star Wars™Cookie Crisp®, and Star Wars™ Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal®) but I needed to have some fun. I decided to make a double batch of marshmallow cereal treats using Star Wars™ R2D2 Cereal® and go from there.

2014-07-18 051 2014-07-18 002

To make both treats that I wanted to make a double batch so if you want to make 1 treat, cut this in half!

You’ll need:

  • 6 Tbsp butter
  • 8 C mini marshmallows
  • 12 Cups Star Wars™ R2D2 Cereal®

So far so good right?

Here’s what you do:

  • Melt butter in large pan (low heat)
  • Add in marshmallows and stir until they are melted and smooth
  • Remove from heat and add in cereal and stir until covered
  • Divide in 2
  • Place one half in wax paper (I used a 9 x 13 pan as well) to form a rectangle – let cool completely
  • Allow other half to cool slightly till you can touch it. Butter hands (really do this) and form 2 inch balls. Place on wax paper to cool

While you’re waiting for the cereal treats to cool, take several Star Wars™ Go-Gurts and empty the tubes into a flat dish. Flatten out yogurt and put in freezer until frozen.

2014-07-18 051 2014-07-18 001

These recipes are so incredibly easy! Are you with me? At tops it takes an hour to make everything (maybe a bit more to freeze the yogurt if you make it thick – that’s up to you).

Food Awakens 6

Treat 1 ^ above follow these instructions!

  • Cut cooled cereal treats with a cookie cutter (I of course used a Star because hello? Star Wars™!)
  • Cut frozen yogurt with same cookie cutter
  • Place yogurt on top of cereal treat *optional I didn’t do it for many just on request* place additional cereal treat on top to make a true sandwich
  • Serve immediately – I made these to order for the party!

Food Awakens 7

Our second treat ^ above was so simple to make but a huge hit! It’s a must for any Star Wars™ party. Making Tie Fighters with Star Wars™ R2D2 Cereal®? I mean I don’t think I need to explain why it’s amazing do I?

Honestly all you need to do is take your warm (not completely set) cereal treat balls and place a round cookie on each side. They may not stick perfect but if you eat them right – your Tie Fighter dreams are set.

Food Aawakens 8

So I need to hear from you guys? How are you making the Food Awaken? How are you celebrating this AWESOME WEEK for movie history? Leave me some comments!

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