Slow Cooker Honey Butter Pull Apart Bread

Honey Butter Pull Apart Bread

Pull apart bread is one of my favorite treats – whether it’s savory or sweet – it’s SO GOOD right?  Slow Cooker Honey Butter Bread was a winner in my house.  It only took 1 hour in the slow cooker (YEA!) so it cooked while we were eating dinner and cleaning up and then we had it for dessert.  It was a super easy – but amazingly good – treat to make.

I absolutely used Challah bread in this recipe.  You don’t HAVE to use it – but you should.  Challah has that almost sweet thing going on – so to add some sweetness to it just makes the recipe that much better.  oh and the Challah fit just about perfectly into my 5 quart slow cooker – so there is that going for it too!

I plan on using this bread again (and again and again).  The next time I have people over I’m using it.  I like to have munchies setting out after dinner and dessert when we have our friends over – this is PERFECT for that.  and since it’s in the slow cooker – it’s not a truly “timed” thing.  If I think it’s done and we’re not ready?  I can just put it to warm!  Easy easy easy (but please don’t tell anyone – I like people thinking I slaved to give them some great food 🙂 )

One more note – I didn’t put a ton of cinnamon into my butter.  However, if you like more cinnamon – just add some to the bread after you butter it before you cook it.  It would taste just as amazing (especially if you have the cinnamon lovers in your house).

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Slow Cooker Honey Butter Pull Apart Bread

Slow Cooker Honey Butter Pull Apart Bread


  • 1 loaf of fresh challah bread
  • 1 recipe Texas Roadhouse Butter (you will probably have left overs of the bread, but that's ok it's delicious)


  1. Prepare your Butter
  2. Cut your challah - here's how. Plan on making inch squares. Do NOT cut thru to the bottom of the bread - leave about 1-1/12 inches on the bottom un cut! Cut both ways until you have the squares
  3. Butter the squares of bread - this is not a healthy bread - use the butter (a lot)
  4. Wrap the bread in tin foil
  5. Place in slow cooker and cook for 1 hour on high (or a bit more - until all the butter is soaked in)
  6. Serve immediately - or keep warm in the slow cooker until you're ready to serve

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